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Similar chatting sites like this lovetime com

She is able to sleepover at her friends houses and she has friends sleepover, as long as they are sleeping with her. We have taken our daughter to see her pediatrician and to a psychiatrist with no help. I do give her melatonin, but that just makes her fall asleep, it does not keep her asleep.We have discussed talking to someone, she states "Im not crazy" I don't need to talk to some stranger. she constantly is in a state of panic when she awakens at night.I do think the kids really want to sleep by themselves but have such such anxiety.I think that a lot of things play into it, not any one particular thing specifically.When i heard him turning the lights and tv off i would start to panic.i have no idea why i was so anxious about it now but it was really hard on my parents and me.

She has a medical history which I do belive adds to her sleep anxiety.We are at our wits end with it as our 5 year old son sleeps by himself and goes to sleep on his own.I can see the fear in her eyes and she just cries and begs us not to leave her.We have not sought Therapy and medication would be out of the question.I'm hoping things will change with time but it seems the more we give in the worse it becomes.

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