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Cyberstalking online dating

It is common for teen abusers to use stalking behaviors to monitor their dating partner's activities while still dating or after the partner has tried to end the relationship.Stalking behaviors may not look dangerous to others, but they are intended to be threats to the partner to stay in the relationship and remain under the control of the abuser.

Remember that behaviour which makes you feel scared, unsafe or uncomfortable is never OK – even if the person says that they love you or that they’re ‘doing it because they love you’. If someone keeps contacting you on Facebook or any kind of online site and it’s making you scared and upset, it sounds like you’re being stalked. You should contact the police and get their advice.Save any messages or emails to show the police if necessary.Online behavior by a partner, family member or someone else can also be abusive if it makes you feel scared or unsafe.Cyber-harassment is not just about being teased – it’s repeated behaviour that is designed to humiliate, control or scare the person being targeted. Deal with different types of cyber-harassment (Facebook, Myspace, email) on our website Love: the good, the bad, the ugly. Stalking includes following someone around or leaving messages on their phone or online, and deliberately trying to make them feel scared.

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She said since then, her personal computers and phones had been hacked in the same manner."I have now three mobile phones which have been hacked.

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