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This guide explains some of the ways things have changed and how, as a Mom, you can deal with these and protect your child.

– As a parent, you don’t want to think about worst-case scenarios, but it’s important to be clued up so you can protect your child.

It can be incredibly accurate but can also pull up other potential profiles (especially if someone has the same name or a similar social username to someone else), so don’t jump to conclusions straight away if you can’t find the person you’re looking for.

This app allows you to track people through their phone, and while this might sound uber-stalkerish, it’s a great way of making sure you and your friends are safe.

We’ll also include some apps that help you date safely, and additional resources you can explore for more sound advice.

However, with this growth of online dating and meeting people you’ve never met (and neither have your family or friends) comes risks, which are added to with other risks many people who are dating face, particularly if they’re teenagers.

So, use Tin Eye to search for this image on the Internet to see where else it’s appearing.

Available for free on Android and Apple devices, this app is turned on when you aren’t feeling safe.

All you need to do is switch it on, specify how long you want the app to watch you for, share some details, and then tell the app when you’re safe.

If you don’t hit the “I’m Safe” button before the end of your specified time, the app will notify your loved ones.

They’ll be given your precise location along with any videos or pictures you’ve uploaded.

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This guide tells you what warning signs there may be, what communication issues to look out for, and when to delete this contact from your profile.

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